Welcome Engineer.Liejin Liu from Xi'an University, China to be committee member!

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Engineer.Liejin Liu 

Xi'an University, China 

Research Area: Mechanical Engineering

Practice Experience:

1.Foxconn: As a process engineer to resolve any production problem of Apple 6, familiar with injection process.

2.Weinan Ding Xin Technology Co.,Ltd : As a process engineer, familiar with 3D printing technology with various material such as titanium, photosensitive resin etc.

Project Experience:

1.The design of 3D rapid scanning system (No.:2014A010104003): Structure design ,installation and debug of system, research on a vatiety of reducing noise in point cloud and post processing technology.

2.Photogrammetry for 3D full-filed deformation motion and shape measurement(No.:51421004, 51275378, 51275389): Materials 3D full-filed deformation motion and shape measurement.